What We Do

All the material on our learning platform is carefully curated and edited by a group of passionate and experienced teachers. This ensures that the material is fresh and relevant, thereby enabling your child to excel in their educational journey. By keeping all material in accordance with the current South African curriculum (CAPS), your child’s knowledge will be improved while ensuring that they are better prepared for the stressful exam times. By removing the stress and anxiety from your child’s preparation, success is more likely to follow. 

The current curriculum provides for 3 phases of education: Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase. Our learning material has been curated to support all major subjects within every learning phase. Every child, no matter what age or educational level, should be able to derive benefits from the use of our platform.

Foundation Phase

The foundation phase starts in Grade R (reception year, or grade 0) and lasts 4 years (up to and including grade 3). Education in this phase focuses on basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic, and the development of language skills. In this phase, children also start learning a second language.

Foundation phase is a very important part in your child’s educational journey as this is where they learn the vital skills they would need to become successful adults. Our learning platform provides a fun and interactive way for your child to master these necessary skills with worksheets and additional educational activities.


Intermediate Phase

Intermediate phase of education comprises of Grades 4 to 6. The focus in this phase is more on reading and speaking skills in the home language as well as in the second language. The main objective of this learning phase is to help learners achieve competency in language, mathematics and science. In this phase, there are three Learning Programmes: Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills. This phase includes six subjects:

  • ​English Home Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills
  • Natural Sciences 
  • Social Science

Wize-Up Learning’s learning platform provides learners with a fun alternative to achieve these educational goals. By using our platform children can improve these necessary skills to assist with their future success.


Senior Phase

The Senior Phase concludes the so-called General Education and Training Phase, that comprises the foundation, intermediate and senior phase. This includes Grades 7 up to and including Grade 9. Learners prepare for the further education and training phase that comprises the senior-secondary phase of secondary education.

In the Senior Phase, there are eight Learning Programmes based on The Revised National Curriculum. Wize-Up Learning’s Platform offers 9 subjects, which are:

  • English Home Language​
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language​
  • Mathematics​
  • Natural Sciences​
  • Social Sciences​
  • Creative Arts
  • Life Orientation​
  • Economic and Management Science​s
  • Technology